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Forest re-establisment at Mt Best

We decided to begin forest re-establishent with ripping the degraded pasture along hill contours, to maximize the moisture holding capacity of the soil.

As you can see from the photo, D7E bulldozer used to do the work is as big as a house.

Most native Australian plant species improve their germination and growth rate when they are exposed to fire and/or smoke. We have simulated this by using commercially available smoke treatment (REGEN 2000), to treat all seeds before spreading them.

Ripping extends to the very edges of steep and deep gullies, where re-vegetation has already commenced.

Cutting contours in a steep terrain is a dangerous job. It was quite scary to watch Mick dancing on his dozer half in the air cutting contours.

Mick, our contractor, is an experienced operator with lifetime experience in forestry work. After working most of his life logging forests Mick enjoyed helping out in our re-vegetation project.

Soil ripping uncovers seeds from ancient forest, that existed here for thousands of years prior to arival of European vandals. Exposing seeds gives them a chance to germinate. We also spread 30 kg of seeds of some 20 native species to assist Nature in re-generation.

We decided to leave a small fenced section of pasture around the old house and sheds. Animal grazing will ensure that this section will continue to serve as a fire break.

In order to imagine the scale of the project, try to see the power pole near the top left.

We initially thought that the job would take 5 days to complete. It actually took 11 days.