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Freezer-to-fridge conversion

Our thermostat is designed to turn a domestic chest freezer operating at 220-240VAC into an energy efficient fridge. No freezer modifications are required (more details).

There are 2 ways of acquiring our freezer-to-fridge conversion system.

Short form kit

The short-form kit comprises a 2-sided solder masked and silk screened PCB, sealed Omron relay and micro-power regulator (components that are not commonly available in electronic shops) for $30.

Fig.1. The short-form freezer-to-fridge thermostat kit

The remaining components of the thermostat are commonly available in electronic shops. The full list of them is here.

This is our preferred option, since soldering thermostats is not our favourite activity.


Assembled and tested thermostat

For those who cannot help themselves in assembling their own thermostat we can provide ready to use fully assembled and tested freezer-to-fridge thermostat for $150.

Fig.2. Assembled and tested freezer-to-fridge thermostat ready to use.

Our thermostat is installed along the power cable. One end plugs into your power point and the fridge is connected to the other end.

The end of the thin cable contains wateproof temperature sensor that needs to be inserted into the freezer interior (more details).

Thermostat diagram
Thermostat part list