Re-establishing forest

Re-establishing forest We decided to begin forest re-establishment with ripping the degraded pasture along hill contours, to maximize the moisture holding capacity of the soil. This job was dangerous and expensive, but allowed us to use direct seeding method to begin the forest. Wherever seeding was insufficiently successful we planted missing species of trees and […]

Our rainforest

Our rainforest Following the "progress" of our civilization, there are very few patches of rainforest left in Victoria, Australia. You are looking at one of them. People who appreciate the environment and care about its preservation are invited to come to Mt Best to help us in our efforts to maintain and expand our patch […]

Grow forest?

Grow forest? One of our main aims, apart from achieving pollution-free self-sufficiency is to restore the forest that was destroyed here nearly 100 years ago as a result of barbarian and ignorant policy of the Australian government. The policy was that unless people cleared their land from trees, the land was taken away from them. […]