Mount Best Maestro:
Dr. Tom Chalko 20 Years of Enchanting Guitar Concerts

Local Engineer Brings Harmony and Love to Our Community:

Mount Best has been home to Dr. Tom since 2001, and he has brought a touch of magic to our area through his incredible talent and passion for classical guitar. Dr. Chalko is an engineer with a Ph.D. in laser holography, but his love for classical guitar shines bright. He is a gifted performer, composer and arranger.

Every year for two decades, except during the pandemic, Dr. Tom performed classical guitar concerts at the Mount Best Community Hall for free. His concerts are a true celebration of music's ability to transcend boundaries and connect people.

What makes Dr. Tom's concerts so special is the diversity of his programs. He doesn't limit himself to playing classical guitar solo. He expands his repertoire and enhances the audience's enjoyment by playing with his own cyber-orchestra.

On November 18, 2023 Dr. Tom was back with another mesmerising concert at Mt Best Community Hall. The theme this time was "Love," and the songs, romances and serenatas took the audience on a space-time journey through Spain, the Amazon forest, Catalonia, France, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Uruguay, medieval England, and our beloved Australia.

A highlight of the program was Dr. Tom's arrangement of "Serenata Española" by Joaquin Malats (1872-1912). Originally composed for piano and orchestra, Dr. Tom has masterfully adapted it for guitar and orchestra, creating a truly magical experience.

Dr. Tom's concerts are not just events; they are experiences that connect us through the universal language of music.

Don't miss the next concert. Contact Tom if you would like to be notified about the next public concert.

If you want to organize a public concert or host a private guitar concert at your home please contact Tom. Concerts for children are free.


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