House features

Main features of our energy efficient house are:

  • 100% self-sufficient in sustainable electrical energy. Our power station is based on wind+solar energy.
  • 100% self sufficient in water
  • gravity based water collection and distribution system that does not need pumps.
  • Low energy demand (@20W per square meter of living area in winter) due to double insulation, double glazing, insulated floor and reflective blinds.
  • Passive reflective solar heating that meets nearly 50% of winter heating energy needs, featured in Renew issue 88 on the front cover
  • Solar hot water
  • Fully processed gray water and sewerage (worm farm system)
  • minimal footprint on the environment
  • many innovative features and ultra low energy devices such as the chest fridge that takes less energy in 24 hours than a light bulb in just an hour
  • double glazed dome greenhouse with thermostatically controlled ventilation system and temperature control
  • solar assisted heat pump system