Bubble glazing

Whenever financial aspects take precedence - availability of resources seems to be a disincentive for progress in sustainability and conservation. When we can afford more – we simply waste more, without even admitting for consideration that Earth is a system of limited resources.

The opposite direction on the other hand – aiming to improve quality of life while accepting severe limits to every resource including money – seems to be one of the greatest incentives for creativity and innovation.

It is a part of human nature – we don’t even begin to invent things unless we really need them. We also don’t think about ways of conserving resources unless their supply becomes limited.

Bubble glazing idea emerged from a pressing need to become more comfortable in winter combined with severe budget restrictions.

Double glazing is expensive, heavy and does not really represent a good value for money.

How about taking a product destined for a rubbish tip (disposable packaging) and turning it into window insulation that is almost as good as double glazing but costs only $2 per window?

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