Let's go …

This time Tom goes FANDANGO and invites you to join in...

Guitar Concert by Tom Chalko with Mt Best cyber-orchestra
Mt Best Community Hall, Sunday 21 April 2024, 2pm
followed by light refreshments

The concert and light refreshments are FREE, but donations are welcome. Please make a booking because the number of seats is limited and we need to plan catering. RSVP: TICKETS@MTBESTHALL.ORG or text Trish Newby on 0402 893 475. The Hall opens at 1:30.

More than 50 people enjoyed Tom's concert

The Fandango

In 1798 a wealthy Spanish guitar virtuoso Marquis de Benavent commissioned Luigi Boccherini (pictured) to compose guitar music for him in Madrid. Boccherini was famous across Europe as a cello virtuoso, but it turns out that he composed guitar music with astonishing technical competence.

Among numerous Guitar Quintets (guitar+string quartet) Boccherini composed for his sponsor - the 1798 Fandango from his 4th Guitar Quintet is the most famous.

Boccherini's Fandango stands as a testament to the timeless charm of Spanish folklore. Flamenco-style guitar and pulsating castanets challenge the classical sound of the string orchestra. The virtuosic cello part within the Fandango indicates that Boccherini may have written it with the intention of performing it himself, showcasing his mastery. Tom will perform the Fandango with his cyber-orchestra.

The guitar part of Boccherini's 1798 Fandango

To restore some serenity, Tom will play beloved Cavatina, an English classical music hit from the 20th century, masterfully arranged for guitar and orchestra. The remainder of Tom's program includes famous and widely admired guitar music from Spain and Brazil along with Tom's recent compositions and arrangements.

Tom performs annually free of charge for the benefit of Mt Best Hall Community Association.

Talk to Tom and enjoy light refreshments after the performance.

Best wishes from Mount Best and welcome !

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If you want to organize a concert or host a private guitar concert at your home or school please contact Tom .

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Beginning of Tom's composition "Somnium Pace" (Dream of Peace).
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