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Bubble glazing

Whenever financial aspects take precedence - availability of resources seems to be a disincentive for progress in sustainability and conservation. When we can afford more – we simply waste more, without even admitting for consideration that Earth is a system of limited resources.

The opposite direction on the other hand – aiming to improve quality of life while accepting severe limits to every resource including money – seems to be one of the greatest incentives for creativity and innovation.

It is a part of human nature – we don’t even begin to invent things unless we really need them and we don’t think about ways of conserving resources unless their supply becomes limited.

Bubble glazing idea emerged from a pressing need to become more comfortable in winter combined with severe budget restrictions.

Double glazing is expensive, heavy and does not really represent a good value for money.

How about taking a product destined for a rubbish tip (disposable packaging) and turning it into window insulation that is as good as double glazing but costs only $2 per window?

For details please read the full article.


Bubble glazing, thermally almost as good as double glazing, is surprisingly transparent when istalled properly. Interior details some 18 meters away are still recognizable...