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Tom Chalko guitar with Mt Best string quartet

Mt Best Hall
5 Mt Best Tin Mine Rd, Mt Best
Sunday, 18 March 2018 3:00 pm

Tessy Amesriter on 0428 595 699 or

The number of seats is limited, please book early. Cost: $10 non-members, $5 members

This year Tom will present a brief history of dance music and illustrate it with a diverse selection of dances.

1-hour program will culminate with the most famous Fandango in the history of music, written for 18-th century Spanish aristocrat and guitar virtuoso Marquis de Benavent by Luigi Boccherini. Boccherini's Fandango captures the essence of Spanish folklore with contrasting lyrical and passionate moments, pulsating castanet rhythms and rasgueados.

Talk to performers and enjoy light refreshments after the performance.

Tom performs annually free of charge for the benefit of Mt Best Hall Community Association and the Hall maintenance.


Tom Chalko on stage at Mt Best Hall in 2016

Newspaper clip


Tom Chalko (guitar) and Tatiana Chalko (orchestra synthesizer) on stage at Mt Best Hall in 2016