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Native plant nursery at Mt Best

Baby trees in our nursery


Our reforestation efforts are not limited to direct seeding, mainly because germination rates of some trees are quite poor in a depleted environment in which no suitable forest ecosystem is initially present.

One of our current challenges is germination of eucalyptus regnans seeds. Apparently, everyone has this problem to one degree or another.

Eucalyptus regnans, called also mountain ash, is the tallest hardwood tree in the world, but its seed is so tiny that looks like a speck of dust and can be seen with a naked eye only on a good bright backgound.

In order to overcome germination difficulties and speed up the process we constructed a thermostat-controlled germinator in which the temperature is controlled to within 1 degree Celsius.

Our preliminary results indicate that eucalyptus regnans seeds germinate quite fast (within 7 days) when they are in the moist environment in which the temperature is kept between 28-30 degrees Celsius.

As soon as seedlings germinate they are moved to the baby-tree nursery depicted above, where they are watered automatically with rainwater before sunrise and after sunset to minimize the water evaporation and waste.


This baby eucalypus regnans tree grew from a tiny seed. One day it could be over 100m tall...