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Planting trees on steep slopes

We have restored the old Bristol 25 tractor with Perkins diesel engine and made a few useful implements that can assist us in the farm work and reforestation project.

The roller cage is the necessary safety device in the steep and frequently slipery slopes at Mt Best. As you can see, the tractor with cage is quite aerodynamic for the entire range of tractor speeds, up to 5 km/h.

Using the carry box depicted in the photo we transport plants, guards, all tools and the drum of water to locations where the standard trailer is impossible to use, such as steep and slippery slopes. The antique crawler tractor does a great job, but it can still be bogged in the mud.


50 cm diameter grass patch removal on a steep slope provides a horizontal shelf for each tree seedling and its guard. It also serves as a mini water catchment for the planted tree.