Mt Best - Australia   

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Rosella. Many birds live here: from small parrots to eagles - the largest flying birds in Australia.


Wallaby is a marsupial, looks like a kangaroo, but is smaller. Wallabies are nocturnal animals, blend with the environment very well and are very difficult to photograph in the wild.

At sunset this wallaby has wandered inside our vegie garden fence at Mt Best and we were able to take its photo from one of our balconies. Plants in our garden must be palatable, because this wallaby is having a snack...

Wombat is a marsupial - just like koala and kangaroo. Its female has a pouch to carry a baby. This wombat explores our satellite dish.

This is most likely an alpine copperhead snake, because of its whitish belly. If it is a copperhead, its venom is as toxic as cobra venom. Other snakes that live here are much more venomous: tiger snakes - 4 times and brown snakes 12 times. Brown snakes that live here are second most venomous snake species in the world. Photo taken fom a distance of about 1 metre at Mt Best, the snake native habitat.