Power station

Power station Our power station at Mt Best captures renewable energy from wind and Sun. Our site is quite windy so we can count on wind power. Maximum wind speed reached 240 km/h in 2002. 100 km/h wind days are quite regular, especially in winter. Solar panels take over when there is no wind, like […]

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency How do we measure energy efficiency? Some people promote and use so-called "star" energy rating. Unfortunately the "star" energy rating is deeply misleading, because it prevents people from understanding the Nature of the energy they use, not to mention reasons and consequences for their energy waste. "Star" system prevents people from seeking devices […]

Sustainable House features

House features Main features of our energy efficient house are: 100% self-sufficient in sustainable electrical energy. Our power station is based on wind+solar energy. 100% self sufficient in water gravity based water collection and distribution system that does not need pumps. Low energy demand (@20W per square meter of living area in winter) due to […]


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